Melancholic Temperament, Analytical Personality, this is how a professional psychologist described me. Those terms are two keys, and there are three to know me. To find the other one is up to you.

Here lies my thoughts and whatever I find inreresting.

Men, that’s us, we travel a land with holes. We peek inside and find people; sometimes alone, sometimes couples, and sometimes they’re crowded. These holes are like homes where people live or visit. Men don’t have holes, we travel looking for one. Guess what, I’ve fallen to your hole, you were alone. Will help me escape, or will you let me stay?


Last night was all about promise. I hitched an old friend, we talked to catch up to each other and she told me what’s been going on and mentioned about a fight with her mom for not fulfilling a promise. That night I was on the way to a celebration, I promised the celebrant that I would be there on her/their 18th birthday (They’re twins). I haven’t been to the venue, I never saw it before but I drove to get there. I missed a turn to EDSA which led me to another 2 km run, then another one in Ayala. I reached places I shouldn’t; two ghettos, Buendia, The Fort and McKinley road. Then I got there but I couldn’t find the tower, so I drove a few more kilometers until I reached Mall of Asia and decided, Maybe I shouldn’t go anymore, it has been two hours since the opening, it could be over. So while I was driving around the roundabout I set the GPS to home. I eventually reached a traffic light on red not far from the roundabout and thought, “You’re an idiot, you were so close and you want to give up? Curse you! You wasted fuel, time and effort, all just to give up. If you’ll be like this now, will you be like this in life?” So I set the GPS again to the venue with 20 seconds on the red light timer and head off. I got there, they just started, and I was sent as a proxy for one of the 18 roses. I was too tired to party but it was a good night. :)

Should I take a step?

I’m sure you haven’t notice

So I know you don’t know this 

that I do

Admire you

I don’t know who else to say this to 

But the only person I think about is you

Now I know

You can never feel the same way that I do

And that nothing 

Can ever make me forget about you

If there is one thing I don’t know about is that if I should ever let you go

Don’t leave your valuables unattended

Don’t hit others with your baggage because they might run away with it. 

(Your baggage is your past and your problems. ~Urban Dictionary) 

Losing it is a bigger problem that may result in tradgedy…

According to the laws of nature, hard or brittle things break. So if you don’t want a broken heart, drop that heart made of stone. #Compassion